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Bodywork for Insomnia   

Insomnia plagues most American adults at some point in time. Various factors contribute to this frustrating condition- diet, hormones, stress, use of stimulants are common causes.

Bodywork for Insomnia "trains" the brain to associate deep relaxation with certain cues.........aromatherapy fragrances and music are combined with deeply relaxing massage which "imprints" on the brain. Studies have shown that fragrances alone can have a powerful impact on mind-body memory.

Soothing aromatherapy fragrances of the client's choice will be used concurrently with special music composed specifically to entrain the brain into a Delta wave pattern seen in deep sleep. These "cues" will be imprinted while having deeply relaxing bodywork. In addition, diet, herbs and  hormonal imbalances will be addressed. It may be suggested that the client take a melatonin or other hormone saliva tests, something which can be done at home.

Treat yourself or your loved one to the gift of a deeply relaxing mind-body training for improved sound sleep.

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Laura Skutch, LMT

            is a Connecticut State Licensed Massage Therapist in practice for over
twenty-five years.

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