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about  Peppercreek Sanctuary   




       Located on five acres of protected forested wetland in Norwalk, Peppercreek Sanctuary is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Habitat supporting wintering waterfowl on a seasonal stream. Foxes, turkey, hawks, herons, and an abundance of songbirds make their way to Peppercreek Sanctuary. In the summer, perennial gardens bloom attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.



                                                                     The quiet peaceful setting provides the perfect compliment to bodywork and healing.

An exceptional environment for those who prefer an alternative

                                      to impersonal noisy commercial offices spaces or spa settings.





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Laura Skutch, LMT

   is a Connecticut State Licensed Massage Therapist in practice for over twenty-five years at
  102 Dry Hill Road Norwalk CT.- one half mile from Stew Leonard's.
Call or Text: n203-847-7921 for a
FREE phone consultation.

email: laura@abetterbackmassage.com


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