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Laura Skutch, LMT is a Connecticut Licensed Massage Therapist in practice since 1983. She graduated from the California School of Massage in 1979, and has continued her studies throughout the years with nationally and internationally renowned teachers of massage, meditation and healing. Laura's expertise includes the resolution of  chronic and acute back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm, hip, leg and sciatic pain through a revolutionary mind-body approach which developed out of her own ten year struggle with chronic back pain and sciatica. She has been pain free for over twenty years.


Laura also offers expertise and treatments  in many holistic therapies She offers an intensive three session  Bodywork for Insomnia program incorporating sound entrainment, aromatherapy, herbal remedies,  bodywork and stress reduction training.  Laura has extensive experience working with pregnant women, helping to facilitate a healthy gestation, delivery and post reproductive health for the mother. Laura is also a third degree Reiki practitioner.


Laura enjoys working with clients to develop a personalized plan to eliminate chronic and acute pain and other imbalances. She has extensive knowledge of nutrition, vitamins, herbs and professional and personal experience with the practice of yoga, qigong and meditation. She focuses on enhancing the well-being of her clients through massage therapy, bodywork as well as  mindfulness training practices which can be employed at home.

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Laura Skutch, LMT

is a Connecticut State Licensed Massage Therapist in practice for over twenty-five years at
102 Dry Hill Road Norwalk Connecticut -
one half mile from Stew Leonard's

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